Albina, a leading group in the field of construction, logistics, trading, specialized & construction services and the authorized distributor of Sika, a brand Swiss multinational specialty chemical company.

Since 2005 our well experienced and professionals team is involved in various types of small and big projects of construction, water-proofing, flooring, dumping, repairing, protecting, structural strengthening and specialized services which contains construction of sewage systems, swimming pools, water tanks, industrial cold storages, industrial buildings, where-house, flooring epoxy applications, grouting and etc, in different parts of Afghanistan.

The on-going growth of our group is directly connected to the permanent development of business relationships with our international partners with have been providing us high quality and standard products, consultations, experiences, skills and supporting us by providing trainings to our personals.

Albina group is now well recognized in Afghanistan market as a full-service firm specializing in providing comprehensive construction chemicals and services.