Welcome to Sika's collection of completed projects from around the world. See where we have provided a range of solutions and expert know-how, in case studies ranging from airports and tunnels to schools and hydropower plants.

Aerial view of construction of Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, Egypt

Grand Egyptian Museum

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Giza, Egypt
Thanks to Sika solutions, it was possible to strengthen the roof slab to maintain service ability for such a mega project, and to improve service life and durability to comply with current standards.
Zeitz Museum, South Africa

Zeitz Museum Renovation

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Cape Town, South Africa
Renovation of Zeitz Museum, South Africa
Luxury lodge with swimming pool at Helena Bay in New Zealand

Helena Bay Luxury Lodge

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Northland, New Zealand
Helena Bay Lodge is located on one of the most beautiful sections of New Zealand’s Northland coastline. A magnificent luxury destination, it cost $65 million to complete. When the Lodge opened in November 2016, it was named the best new luxury hotel in the world. Sika was originally invited to provide specification for just a 10 metre deck. From there our involvement grew to the point where we were eventually involved in multiple areas across the property.
Kjorbo powerhouse building surrounded by nature and animals

Powerhouse Kjørbo, Sandvika

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Powerhouse Kjørbo is the first renovated office building in the world that produces more energy than it consumes. Powerhouse Kjørbo contains two office blocks from the 80’ties, which were transformed into contemporary and modern office premises. The goal for the building was to produce more energy than it consumes during its entire life cycle. By means of solar panels, Powerhouse Kjørbo will produce more than 200,000 kWh annually.
Worker at construction site inside tunnel in Vips Valley in Switzerland

Visp Tunnel (Tuvi)

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Visp Valley, Switzerland
The town of Visp in southern Switzerland is located at a strategic pinch-point for traffic passing through the narrow Rhone valley. It is a complex underground structure, consisting of the north and south directional road tubes between the Schwarzer Graben and Chatzuhüs (Staldbach Bridge junction), and the underground interchange with the motorway to the Visp Valley. The main objective of the new tunnel was to enable a sustainable and future development, which links the whole Valais and brings real value to the population, industry and tourism. Sika was able to provide a complete solution for the many different concrete mix designs and applications required on this project, including all of the sprayed and site-placed concretes, as well as the structural waterproofing systems.
Ferrari cars in repair workshop parked on smooth and seamless floor

Ferrari Garage

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Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Sikafloor’s durable, high-gloss floor system was installed in the world’s most exclusive cars garage. Ferrari has garnered over 5,000 victories on the world’s tracks and roads, becoming a modern-day legend in the process. A Ferrari garage in Greater Manchester (UK) contains a hive of engineering expertise for the repair and maintenance of some of the world’s most exclusive cars.
Architecture of Parking Garage Lammermarkt in Leiden Netherlands

Lammermarkt Parking Garage

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Leiden, Netherlands
With clear orientation, spacious parking spaces and easily found stairs and lifts, the Lammermarkt Parking Garage provides a delightful parking experience. The traffic is well planned with signs, arrows, icons and other indicators of directions by the architect to ensure the safety. To realize the visual effect of the designed carpark space, high quality Sika carpark flooring and wall systems with tailored color shades were specified. The orange back wall on the parking levels and the orange floor edging in the central void reinforce the spatial character of the parking garage and give the interior depth and color.
Rialto Bridge in Venice Italy

The Rialto Bridge

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Venice, Italy
Designed by Antonio da Ponte and completed after three years in 1591, the Rialto Bridge is one of the most well-known bridges in the world and is certainly the most famous bridge in Venice (Italy). During the building of the bridge, many believed the project was too audacious from the engineering point of view, yet the bridge is still standing and has become one of the architectural icons of the city of Venice. Sika was involved in the restoration, maintenance and overall refurbishment of the Rialto Bridge, preserving the architectural nature of the original materials and applying non-invasive but efficient structural solutions as well as to stop the decay of its structure and materials.
Sika office building in Zurich

Limmat technical and office center

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Zurich, Switzerland
The design of a new Sika's office center is based on the flexible use of space for multiple functions, reflecting the values and strengths of the company. Sika wanted to provide the best working environment for its leaders of tomorrow, in order to support and encourage collaborative working, information exchange and very importantly innovation, all done with maximum flexibility. The intention is to continually increase employee satisfaction and improve performance, whilst sustainably achieving outstanding results for Sika, our customers and the community as well.
Leixoes Cruise Terminal in Porto Portugal

New Cruise Terminal

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Port of Leixões, Portugal
The new terminal of the Port of Leixões, located in the Matosinhos municipality close to the city of Porto, was built specifically for cruise ships. It sits upon a 340 meter long quay and includes a pedestrian access path for the general public and passengers. The main building hosts the passenger station building, a plaza, a gallery museum with laboratories linked to the Science and Technology Park of the Sea of the University of Porto, an aquarium, an underground garage, meeting rooms, a restaurant and a large covered amphitheater with a captivating view of the ocean.
Construction site of Volkswagen Plant in Wrzesnia Poland

Volkswagen Production Plant

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Września, Poland
The new generation of Volkswagen Crafter commercial vehicles are manufactured in a new modern car factory in Września, Poland. Sika provided solutions from basement to roof.
Zagreb International Airport, Croatia

Zagreb International Airport

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Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb International Airport
Metallic floor coated with Sikafloor in DFO Homebush shopping center

DFO Homebush Shopping Center

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Sydney, Australia
The Direct Factory Outlet shopping center, located in Homebush in Sydney, is a popular shopping destination for tourists and locals alike with over 80 specialty stores. DFO Homebush is open to the public 7 days, attracting tens of thousands of shoppers each week making the shopping center a busy area. Years of constant foot traffic resulted in the entire center requiring renovations.
Refurbished roof of the Tate Britain Museum in London

Refurbishment of Rotunda Roof, London

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Tate Britain is a renowned art gallery and part of the British Tate gallery network. It is located in the Tate’s original premises on Millbank, London on the site of Millbank Prison and is the oldest gallery in the network, opening in 1897.
Construction site of Musanada Villas in United Arab Emirates

The Musanada Villas

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Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
The construction of the Musanada Villa Project started in 2013 and went through the following year. It is located in the Al Ain, an inland oasis in United Arabic Emirates, close to the borders of Oman. The project counted some 2'000 villas and 200'000 foil packs of 600 ml. Sika supplied joint sealants meeting requirements of ASTM C 920 class 35 with good application and curing properties at temperatures up to 45°C.
People waiting at London underground station

London Underground Tunnel

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London, United Kingdom
The London Underground, commonly known as “the Tube,” is the oldest, and still the second-largest, subway system in the world. At Embankment station, two tunnel tubes run at different depths. The uppermost tunnel was constructed using the cut-and-cover method: a large trench was first excavated and then roofed over. The cast-iron tunnel ceiling beams, which carry the full weight of the structures above, date from 1870 and now, some 140 years later, were urgently in need of renewal to enhance safety. Strengthening of over 90 cast iron beams was completed with Sika® CarboDur® UHM carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) system.
Municipal Stadium in Wroclaw, Poland

Municipal Stadium

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Wroclaw, Poland
The City of Wroclaw Municipal Stadium is the third largest in Poland. Its construction began in April 2009 and was completed in September 2011. The stadium has been built as part of a multi-purpose complex that also includes commercial offices, conference halls, a fitness centre, a casino and is home for the local football team. The building was created using the architectural concept of a ‘Chinese-Lantern’ and this distinctive shape is highlighted by the innovative design of its roof and external walls. The facade is covered by a lightweight glass fibre mesh fabric that is coated with Teflon, which gives the whole massive building structure a unique transparency.
Colorado River Bridge over Hoover Dam in United States

Colorado River Bridge

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Colorado, USA
The Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are located in Black Canyon on the Colorado River in the USA on the borders of Arizona and Nevada. Construction of the 220m high dam began in 1931 and more than 4 million m³ of concrete were placed by the time it was completed in 1936. Highway 93 is built into the top of the dam to cross the canyon, but the sharp bends and narrow widths of the highway, combined with the number of tourists and necessary security, led to an astronomical increase in traffic, so that long delays and bottlenecks had become the norm.
Construction site of Karahnjukar Hydropower Plant under arctic conditions in Iceland

Kárahnjúkar Hydroelectric Project

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Kárahnjúkar Hydroelectric Power Station is the heart of Iceland’s largest-ever industrial development. A € 1.1 billion hydroelectric power plant that took 5 years to build and required the construction of 73 km of tunnels and five dams for three reservoirs – one of the dams being amongst the largest concrete-faced rock-fill dams in the world. Sika supplied a wide range of concrete solutions for this project. Concrete admixtures were applied for the construction of 73 kilometers of tunnels and five dams for three reservoirs .