The condition of the surface, the surface treatment, choosing the right adhesive and the correct application is key for the right result for a durable bond.

Sika Bonding Solutions

Elastic Adhesives

Elastic bonding is the advanced way of bonding. The adhesive is applied in vertical beads or dots on the substrates that are then gently pressed together leaving a thicker layer of adhesive between the objects.

Rigid Adhesives

Rigid bonding is the traditional way of bonding. The adhesive is applied on the surface of the substrates that are then pressed together and after seconds to hours, the two objects are strongly and rigidly fixed.

Adhesive Sealants

Elastic adhesives are usually also sealants to a certain extent. Their hardness is higher and movement capability lower than for real sealants but sufficient for waterproofing the joint between the bonded objects.


If the economic and engineering advantages of adhesives are to be fully realized, the materials or surfaces to be adhered must be given a suitable surface pre-treatment.